Fast food firm offers children a fruit drink

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McDonald’s is introducing a fizzy drink for children that promises one of their five-a-day portions of fruit and vegetables.

The fast-food firm said “Fruitizz” is part of their efforts to improve the health credentials of its children’s meals and follows the introduction of carrot sticks, fruit bags, mineral water and organic semi-skimmed milk.

From next Wednesday, the “fizzy treat” will be served from the central drinks tower at the counter, as research had found children found this “more exciting and desirable”, according to the chain.

The drink contains no added sugars, artificial colours or flavours and blends 60 per cent fruit juice from grapes, apples and raspberries with natural sparkling water, giving one of the five-a-day portions, it said.

A spokesman for the Children’s Food Campaign said: “It’s encouraging to see companies like McDonald’s making it easier for parents to make healthier choices for their children.”

He added that children’s health would be best improved if fruit-based drinks displaced sugary drinks from children’s menus.