Mother’s desperate search for diagnosis for son

Brody Land, with mum Emma.  Pictures: Ross Parry/ Steven Schofield
Brody Land, with mum Emma. Pictures: Ross Parry/ Steven Schofield
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At Three years old, Brody Land still wears clothes designed for a six-month old baby.

The toddler, who stands at just 2ft 5ins tall, has a form of dwarfism so rare that doctors in the UK have been unable to properly diagnose the condition.

Now his parents Emma and Chris Land, from Wakefield, hope to raise £10,000 to enable them to travel to America where they hope specialists will be able to provide them with the diagnosis they so desperately crave. Brody is able to walk, although sometimes uses a pushchair when he gets tired, and his mother has taught him makaton signing after he was getting frustrated with not being able to communicate.

Mrs Land said: “We just need a diagnosis and I don’t want to stop until I know what he has got. I’m learning as I go along because there are no other children in the UK with the same condition.”

Brody has recently started mainstream nursery school where he is progressing well and is very sociable.

Mrs Land said: “Going to America is our last hope really. We just want a bit of closure really and I won’t give up until I have done everything I can.

“When he gets older and starts asking me questions about his condition I want to be able to say that I tried everything.”

Consultant paediatrician Dr Andrea Nussbaumer, from Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust, said the Trust continued to work with a number of specialists in the hope of getting an accurate diagnosis for Brody’s condition.

Dr Nussbaumer said: “In the meantime we are concentrating on working with Brody and his family to ensure that he receives all the care and support he needs.”