Heavy rain on way for parts of country facing

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SEVERE weather warnings have been issued by the Met Office for parts of England and Wales today, although Yorkshire is set to avoid the worst of the heavy rain.

People have been urged to “be aware” of the possibility of severe wet weather in Northern Ireland, Wales, the West Midlands, London, the south west and the south east.

Areas likely to be hit the hardest by the heavy rainfall are Cornwall, West Devon, Pembrokeshire and Northern Ireland, according to the Met Office, which said there could also be the possibility of some flooding.

Many regions are likely to see between 30 and 60mm of rain, and some torrential downpours could bring more than 100mm, the Met Office said.

Matt Dobson, senior forecaster with Meteogroup, the weather division of the Press Association, said there would be “persistent and heavy rain” today.

He said: “There could be over an inch of rain by the end of Monday. Devon, Cornwall, Pembrokeshire, and Northern Ireland are most at risk.

“There is the potential locally for some heavy bursts of rain. You could see some flooding.”

The rainy weather is expected to move further north to Scotland tomorrow, according to forecasters at both Meteogroup and the Met Office.

Severe weather warnings have been issued for several areas of Scotland tomorrow, including Grampian, Strathclyde, south west Scotland and the Lothian borders.

Heavy rainfall is expected, with some localised flooding.

However, in Yorkshire and the Humber there is expected to be only light rain and cloud tomorrow, with temperatures reaching highs of 14c.