Help out on shop floor, Morrisons HQ staff told

Morrisons chief executive David Potts
Morrisons chief executive David Potts
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Morrisons’ new chief executive is asking his head office staff to help out in supermarkets this Easter, so they can “listen hard” to customers and shop floor staff.

David Potts, who started work at Morrisons on Monday, told 2,000 head office staff that he would be working in a store over the Easter week, and that he wanted them to help the supermarkets for at least one week each year as part of a new ‘Team Work’ initiative.

‘Team Work’ forms part of a wider listening initiative, launched by Mr Potts, where customers and staff have been invited to tell Morrisons what they like about the grocer, and also what it could do better. Mr Potts plans to use this insight as he works to improve the business.

Mr Potts said: “I want to listen hard and respond to the views of as many customers and staff as I can. I strongly believe that we are all retailers and we can learn how to serve our customers better when we are working in our stores or when we do our own shopping.”

Mr Potts has also been looking at customer feedback about different aspects of the shopping trip, with 12 store managers who came together at Morrisons’ supermarket in Guiseley, West Yorkshire.