Honour your pledges and give England its independence

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From: Mrs GP Hoblyn, North Street, Caistor, Lincolnshire.

THERE are no doubts whatsoever that the pledges so publicly announced in the press by the three main political parties to Scotland will be honoured, and in the timeframe given, when not one single promise or pledge to England has ever been honoured.

Where is our referendum on independence from the EU? Where is our English-only Parliament in Westminster? Although the hierarchy are bleating and pontificating on this solemn issue, they are unsurprisingly reneging on it immediately by stating that English MPs are only to vote on English affairs and laws.

This nasty little loophole confirms that Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland MPs (including Gerry Adams and Martin McGuinness) will still have their knees firmly under the table, grabbing and gobbling up and abusing all they are able to lay their hands on, at England’s expense.

History tells us that it was King Harold who united the many smaller kingdoms within into one – Angleland. It also states that Emperor Hadrian built his wall to keep out the Picts and the Scots, and that William the Conqueror, followed by Edward I, fortified the border separating Wales. England was totally independent.

Anyone who has read the King James Bible will see that it was this man alone who presided over the amalgamation of these three kingdoms, and France, all into one.

I want my England back –total independence, no Barnett Formula, no lucrative contracts given to Scotland or anyone else for that matter, no open borders, no giving money to people abroad, no being forced to take inferior weapon systems such as Trident, no subjugation of our rights by Brussels, or our own Government and no ties to any allies.

I utterly despise what has been done to England by successive governments who are totally unpatriotic. In fact I feel sorry for Alex Salmond of Scotland because I too want what he wanted, but I have more chance of knitting fog than getting the independence which England should have by right.

From: Gordon Lawrence, Stumperlowe View, Sheffield.

HOW much more irrelevant can Ed Miliband get to the core problems of this country than in his waffle at the recent Labour Party conference? His spending plans that embody no reference to the National Debt, currently £1.4 trillion, and the prime mover of that debt, the annual deficit, is like ignoring the threat of icebergs in an inquest on the Titanic.