Hotel’s website behind the times

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From: Alex McWhirter, Langton Way, London.

I WAS sad to read Fiona Evans’s news item about the closure of The George Hotel in Huddersfield (Yorkshire Post, January 4).

As a matter of interest, I happened to check the hotel’s website on the same afternoon of your report (at 4pm) and there was no indication anywhere that the hotel has closed!

The booking page, for example, remained available for potential guests although if a booking were made I suspect an “error page” would appear.

In the digital age, I find it amazing that nobody can be bothered to update information.

Innovate for permanent jobs

From: David Hill, chief executive, World Innovation Foundation, Huddersfield.

ED Balls’s vision for the future of the long-term unemployed has one major flaw in its thinking as usual. The Shadow Chancellor completely forgets that to create long-term employment we 
have to create new businesses first.

In this respect one cannot provide 130,000 enduring jobs for those out of work for more than two years without this prerequisite. Therefore what Mr Balls should be doing with his economic thinking is to create the environment first where innovative ideas can be transformed into new industries, not just jobs for jobs’ sake with no permanent outcome.

One for the 
PC brigade

From: Mrs I M Asquith, Sunnyhill Croft, Wrenthorpe.

I READ the letters regarding committees being led by a Chair these days. I thought I was a lone voice but apparently not.

Perhaps we could have committees led by a “Chairguy” as the word guy is constantly being used for male and female. Would that suit the politically correct lobby? Please note I am neither a chair nor a guy.