YP Letters: Do HS2 on the cheap and it will prove an expensive folly

From: Sir Andrew Cook, Chairman, William Cook Holdings Ltd, Parkway Avenue, Sheffield.

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HS2 ‘will be obsolete by the time it is built’

HS2 ‘will be obsolete by the time it is built’

A prominent Yorkshire businessman has claimed that new technologies will render the need for high-speed rail projects obsolete by the time they are completed.

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The benefits of HS2 will be pie in the sky says a reader. Do you agree?

YP Letters: High speed rail will fuel a brain drain

From: Arthur Quarmby, Underhill, Holme.

HS2 protesters take to the streets.

YP Comment: Questions over HS2 benefits in Yorkshire

TODAY’S update by HS2 chairman Sir David Higgins on the economic benefits of high-speed rail in Yorkshire will reassure those who believe that Britain’s largest – and most complicated – infrastructure project will be scaled back once the key first phase linking London and Birmingham has been completed.

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A new runway at Heathrow will divert attention away from Yorkshire's transport needs, says Andrew Vine. Do you agree?

Andrew Vine: Political flap at Heathrow sparks air rage in North

IF anybody would like to see a textbook example of the worst sort of London-centric navel-gazing in economic policy, today provides Exhibit A.

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A plane takes off at Leeds Bradford Airport where facilities - and customer service - continue to be criticised by passengers.

YP Letters: Leeds Bradford Airport’s improvement plans don’t add up

From: Tony Armitage, Fulwith Road, Harrogate.


YP Letters: No alternative to HS2 regardless of drivers

From: Les Goodens, Hull.

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HS2 and HS3 are critical to this region, says leeds Chamber of Commerce president Gerald Jennings.

Gerald Jennings: HS2 alone is not enough to bring the North up to speed

WITH the party conference season behind us, the next major political diary date will be the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement.

South Kirby residents are among those protesting against the new HS2 route through Yorkshire.

YP Letters: Wrong line of thought over building HS2

From: John Turley, Dronfield, Woodhouse.

YP Comment: HS2 – can Theresa May afford not to intervene?

YP Comment: HS2 – can Theresa May afford not to intervene?

THERESA May’s dilemma over HS2 could not be more invidious. If she exercises her prerogative, as a new Prime Minister, to review the scheme’s cost-benefit analysis, she will be accused of derailing Britain’s largest ever infrastructure project.

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The HS2 project

Yorkshire MPs press for a rethink on ‘flawed’ HS2 rail plans

MINISTERS are today challenged to provide greater clarity about the “promised regional benefits” of HS2 in Yorkshire as a scathing Parliamentary report casts fresh doubt about high-speed rail’s economic dividend.

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Is it time to put the brakes on HS2?

Tom Richmond: Time to steer HS2 into the sidings and change track

BREXIT aside, the supposedly ultra-cautious Theresa May has already risked the wrath of the Chinese by putting the proposed Hinkley Point nuclear power station on hold while the impasse over Heathrow Airport’s third runway is now likely to be resolved by a free vote of MPs.

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Opposition to HS2 is growing.

YP Letters: Reality of HS2 will bring little benefit to North

From: Dr Glyn Powell, Bakersfield Drive, Kellington.

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Opposition to HS2 is growing in West Yorkshire.

YP Letters: Capacity not speed is HS2’s main benefit

From: David Reed, Houses Hill, Huddersfield.

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Can the cost-benefits of HS2 be justified?

YP Letters: Short-term thinking on HS2 and nuclear power will cost Britain dear

From: Ian Anderson, Wakefield.

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Opposition to HS2 is growing in Yorkshire.

YP Letters: May must put brakes on £63bn HS2 disaster

From: Ralph Sutcliffe, Mirfield.

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Campaigners from the Crofton Against HS2 group, who are fighting plans to send trains through their village, meeting Wakefield Council leader Peter Box at Wakefield town hall.

Harry Fairhead: HS2 should be scrapped to get regional rail services back on track

EVEN the Government can’t even decide why it wants to build HS2. First it was an alternative to Heathrow expansion, then it was about speed, then it was about capacity, now rebalancing the economy.

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Residents of Crofton are lobbying against plans to reoute HS2.

YP Letters: Residents join forces to save community from HS2 route

From: Jonathan Pile, Crofton Against HS2.

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HS2 opponents in Wakefield.

Tom Richmond: Time £750,000 high-speed rail chief faces the public

IF HS2 chief executive Simon Kirby is worth £750,000 a year, it is time that Britain’s highest paid civil servant started earning his salary.

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Peter and Sue Douglas at their home on the Shimmer Estate in Mexborough which could be demolished to make way for HS2. (Picture Scott Merrylees).

HS2: How would you feel if your house could be bulldozed?

Proposals for an alternative HS2 route in South Yorkshire could involve a new housing estate in Mexborough being bulldozed. Chris Bond spoke to some of its residents.

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