Hunt for owners after dog impaled on spike is cut free

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ANIMAL welfare workers were yesterday trying to find the owner of a dog which almost bled to death after becoming impaled on railings.

The bull mastiff-type animal was discovered after it was heard whimpering on a street in the Parson Cross area of Sheffield and firefighters were called to rescue it.

A vet was then found to carry out emergency surgery to remove the rusty spike on top of railings which had gone through the top of the dog’s leg.

Jody Bryck, 32, who found the animal, said she initially thought a dog had been left outside in the cold when she first heard it howling on Sunday night.

But she said she was “horrified” when she went to investigate and found the dog trying to balance on its front paws with its hind legs in the air – one of them stuck on the spike.

Miss Bryck said: “He seemed really weak after having held himself up for so long. He seemed a lovely dog, I was holding him and stroking him to try to calm him down.

“The fire brigade and a vet were there within a matter of minutes and they deserve credit for the way they saved him.”

Firefighters arrived with specialist cutting equipment, but had to arrange for an emergency vet to sedate the dog first before they could begin the painstaking job of cutting it free without injuring it further.

The vet involved was Nigel Smallwood of Peak Vets in Woodseats. He said an X-ray revealed that the railing had missed the dog’s thigh bone by a centimetre.

Mr Smallwood said: “He was very lucky and is making a good recovery.

“I had to sedate him to allow the firefighters to do their work. The dog had one spike through his right thigh, impaling him.

“The firefighters did a great job in cutting away the railing.

“It is thought the dog may have been there a couple of hours so it is lucky he was found when he was.”

The dog’s microchip is registered not to a private owner but to animal charity The Dogs Trust in Darlington.

Checks are being carried out by the re-homing charity on where the dog was placed.

Anyone who can help identify the owner should call Peak Vets on 0114 250 7733.