Hunting ban in perspective

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From: Fr Neil McNicholas, St Hilda’s, Whitby.

PRESSURE mounts for the Government to reconsider the hunting ban introduced 10 years ago (Yorkshire Post, December 27).

I’m amazed it has taken this long – we are, after all, only talking about the death of foxes. The 1967 Act that legalised abortions currently sanctions the deaths of around 200,000 unborn babies a year in this country and there has never been even a hint (much less a demand) of that particular piece of legislation being reconsidered.

From: David W Wright, Uppleby, Easingwold.

YOUR Editorial (Yorkshire Post, December 27) has rightly stated “the country must be allowed to have its say” on the future of the Hunting Act which has been a complete mistake, particularly in light of the growing support for fox hunting.

The electorate should also be allowed a referendum on the vital question of in or out of the EU, as it is again clear that our MPs are not listening to public opinion.

There should be a New Year resolution made by all MPs to consider their constituents and electors before their own biased and sectarian views.

From: Peter Hyde, Driffield.

ON the subject of fox hunting, the people who managed to get it banned are all from towns and cities. They simply do not understand country life and customs.

On right lines for rail pay

From: Andrew Mercer, Oxford Road, Guiseley.

WOULD it not be a good idea if the bosses of firms like Northern Rail (Tom Richmond, Yorkshire Post, December 31) had performance-related pay packages?

If their salary was based on reliability, punctuality and customer service, they might raise their game.

False step

From: JN Duckitt, Wormley Hill, Sykehouse, Goole.

MIKE Harding’s walking feature (Yorkshire Post, December 28) is not quite correct. The photograph caption states that he is resting his boots. Close examination will reveal him to be wearing shoes which are unsuitable for hill walking.

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