Insight into thought-controlled IT

A PIONEER in brain-computer interface technology will today present the latest thinking in her field at Europe's biggest internet conference.

Ariel Garten, chief executive of Canadian IT firm InteraXon, will give a keynote address titled Towards a Thought Controlled Future at the LeWeb conference in Paris. The talk covers the history, present and future of brain-computer interface technology and will feature a sneak preview of a thought-controlled iPad game.

InteraXon attracted international attention after its demonstration of the world's first thought-controlled in-flight entertainment system at an aerospace conference earlier this year.

It has since been working to connect brainwaves and mobile devices.

Ms Garten said: "The power of thought-controlled computing combined with the portability of mobile platforms represents a quantum leap in the accessibility, affordability and utility of brainwave-powered applications."

LeWeb will be attended by 2,500 entrepreneurs and investors.