Invicta Bakeware launches range of plastic products

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INVICTA Bakeware – a 100-year-old manufacturing firm that has made its name supplying bakeware and bakery equipment – has branched out into plastic products with the launch of a new trading division.

Food Industry Supplies (FIS) offers a range of plastics, storage and handling equipment to all sectors of the food processing industry.

Many of the products are exclusive to FIS and the company said its ability to mould most of the lines in 12 different colours addressed the food industry’s increasing need for effective ingredient segregation.

Chris Newton, divisional manager of FIS, said: “We wanted to expand the market and take the company forward into the next century. Things are changing in the food industry and moulding plastics in 12 colours gives the effective segregation that the industry requires.”

He added: “Traditional bakeware is not for everyone in the food processing industry but there is a bigger market to target with plastics and this division will hopefully grow the overall business.”

John Waddington, managing director of Pickering-based Invicta Bakeware, said he was confident that this new venture for the business, which celebrated its centenary in 2012, will offer new solutions for the increasingly challenged food industry.

“Businesses today are required to introduce effective segregation systems to meet the growing demands of changing legislation and external audit. One way of achieving this is through colour coding and our new range of products makes it incredibly easy to put such a system in place,” he said.

Invicta has invested £100,000 in the new venture.

FIS offers a diverse range of products from a small knife through to its latest innovation – a twin skin mobile ingredient truck with an integrated hinged lid, crevice-free construction and raised base height to reduce back injuries.

Further products are currently under development, including a sieve for the new ingredient truck.

Other products in the range include ingredient bins, dispense units, troughs, tanks, bowls together with bespoke sieves, trays, baskets, shadowboards and associated sundry products such as scoops, jugs and stationery.

Invicta has a £3m turnover and employs 30 staff across both divisions.

It supplies a range of food manufacturers including Bettys in Harrogate, Cooplands of Scarborough, Thomas of York as well as large groups such as Greencore and Samworth Brothers.

In 2012, Invicta played a part in the creation of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee cake, which was unveiled at the military parade and muster at Windsor Castle.

The company was commissioned by the Defence Food Services School.