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From: Dennis Whitaker, Baildon, Shipley

LAST week, our company posted a receipt to a customer. On Monday, it was returned by the Post Office with a handwritten note stating that we had used the wrong postcode, thus wasting the price of postage.

I then returned home to find a note stating that a parcel was in the blue recycle bin. I was not expecting a parcel (from Amazon) and sure enough, it was wrongly delivered to BD17 rather than BD18, clearly stated on the address label. I placed the parcel back in the system on Wednesday. When I returned home on Thursday a note – blue bin – same parcel!

Clearly, there is a person or persons in the Baildon/Shipley area in the wrong job!

Cheers for booze

From: Brian Sheridan, Redmires Road, Sheffield.

IAN R Bolton would like “to ban the sale of alcohol on all religious festivals such as Christmas and Easter, ban the sale of those drinks which are more harmful than others” – news to me but whisky is apparently better for you than brandy – “and ban the import of all drinks from outside the Commonwealth” (Yorkshire Post, November 1).

Oh, now I get it, brandy is produced by the wretched French. If all this comes to pass I will lose the will to live.

War celebration

From: Mollie Garbutt, The Link, Pontefract.

SEVERAL correspondents have recently objected to the use of 
the world “celebration”, to describe the proposed commemoration of the First World War, stating that it is not a cause for rejoicing.

According to the dictionary, there are several meanings of 
the word “to celebrate”. The 
first of these is “to perform a solemn or religious ceremony; to mark an event with solemn ceremonies”.

In this sense, the word is appropriate for the forthcoming event.