Jan 12: Voters in dread as four months of electioneering begin

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From: John Bolton, Gregory Springs Mount, Mirfield.

THE downward trend in turnout figures at recent general elections seems likely to continue if it is left to the leading spokespersons of the major parties. Who, in their right minds, can tolerate 20 weeks of political ear bashing?

Can they actually conjure sufficient claims and counter claims between them to stay the course or will they, dare we hope, run out of ammunition or even vocal ability by March?

They most certainly are likely to turn off most of the floating voters by then. I’m even thinking of selling window stickers saying ”Jehovah’s Witnesses welcome to call”.

From: Jim Beck, Lindrick Grove, Tickhill, Doncaster.

OUR TV screens are infested by politicians claiming that if only they could explain their policies to us on the doorstep then we would rush to vote for them.

Why can’t someone tell them that we are not stupid, that we can make our own minds and that politicians on the doorstep are about as welcome as double glazing salesmen?

From: John Watson, Hutton Hill, Leyburn.

SO, now it has started. The dreaded electioneering routine is going to dominate what we see on TV for the next four months. It may not be so bad if those taking part are able to divorce themselves from the NHS. All the parties have their own ideas about how to make it more efficient. Every time we have a political discussion on television or radio, the common denominator is the NHS.

From: Chris Foote-Wood, Prospective Parliamentary Lib Dem candidate for Richmond, Brook Terrace, Darlington.

ONE law for one. I have no complaints about the substantial coverage given to Independent John Blackie on his decision to stand for Richmond in May’s general election (The Yorkshire Post, January 7), nor to the extensive coverage given to the new Conservative candidate.

But I do have a complaint about the lack of coverage given to my adoption as LibDem prospective candidate: ie, none. Clearly The Yorkshire Post has a blind spot. Is it the LibDems, or is it just me?

From: John Marris, Stanley Street, Spring Bank, Hull.

Surely the unemployment rate should be a political hot potato. Where is the Office for National Statistics?