January 13: Time to stop witch hunt against Ched Evans

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From: Anthony J Atkin, Driffield, East Yorkshire.

I AM angered having just heard that Oldham Athletic will not be signing rapist Ched Evans on account, amongst other things, of threats made to employees of the club. The witch hunt against Evans is as appalling as his offence. Once an offender has been punished, we must assist rehabilitation back into the community. The misguided argument that Evans is a role model should not prevent him exercising his right to return to his profession.

From: GJC Reid, Mayfield Road, Whitby.

COULD Evans not be employed in a coaching capacity? This 
would allow him to ply his trade, but keep him out of the public eye.

From: Hugh Rogers, Messingham Road, Ashby, Scunthorpe.

the sooner people who 
know nothing of the Ched 
Evans case stop airing their 
uninformed opinions about it the better.

From: Mr W Kelly, Grassington, North Yorkshire.

UNTIL the appeal has been heard into the Ched Evans rape conviction, he should not be allowed to play professional football.