January 14 Letters: A man more than deserving of a knighthood

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From: Nigel McClea, Sovereign Park, Harrogate.

AS chair of Marketing Leeds, I watched with admiration as Gary Verity and his talented team transformed a modest enough little local tourism offer into a globally acclaimed brand with all the economic benefits that have flowed from this for our region and well beyond. That alone is worthy of a knighthood.

But then came the Grand Départ – a wildly successful concept.

Yes, no doubt Gary ruffled a few feathers along the way. Yes, he had to cope with some pretty entrenched attitudes, not least mine. But wasn’t the result brilliant! No-one will ever forget where they were on the Yorkshire days of the Tour de France.

Perhaps Gary was offered an honour? Perhaps he chose for reasons of his own to decline it? That would at least be consistent with the stature of the man. I hope an offer was made, for if not, what a slap in the face both to him and to our county. What arrogance from those who are supposed to serve us and reflect our views.

From: Wendy Storey, Mirfield.

never mind that Geoffrey Boycott has not received a knighthood, what about Ken Dodd who deserves a knighthood for giving us so many laughs?