January 21 Letters: Debate about TV debates is a turn-off

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From: Andrew Suter, Station Road, Ampleforth.

IS it only me that find the presidential style TV debates odious, toe curling and a complete and utter waste of time? Grown, educated men prostituting themselves for what? Let’s hope David Cameron sticks to his guns over the Greens, albeit for political reasons.

The last debates made media-savvy Nick Clegg a hero for six months only to become public enemy number one for the last four-and-a-half years.

Look at results of these debates in the US over the last 25 years. TV sweeties but not clear- thinking statesmen.

A final point: by the time the serious debate comes up, the vast majority of voters in the UK will be sick and tired of the five months of political campaigning, and voted some time before the main debate through postal voting.

From: John Riseley, Harcourt Drive, Harrogate.

MESSRS Farage, Clegg and Miliband suggest that David Cameron’s insistence upon including the Green Party in TV debates is no more than an excuse to avoid participating himself. I don’t believe this, nor his own version that it is in fairness to the green movement.

The Green Party has little to do with the green movement, demanding as it does that we continue expanding our towns and cities to accommodate ever more immigration. I think it is in fairness to the Conservative Party.

They are liable to bear the brunt of vote splitting with Ukip in the forthcoming election. They will naturally see it as only fair that vote splitting on the left, between Labour and the Green Party, is maximised (and I wish the latter every success in achieving this).

If, as proposed, the broadcasters adopt an “empty podium” approach to Mr Cameron’s boycott I do feel he should be entitled to nominate someone to fill that space. He could invite Natalie Bennett, Caroline Lucas, or indeed Russell Brand, to do his work for him.

Desperate Miliband

From: Bob Watson, Springfield Road, Baildon.

IT is interesting to note that Labour leader Ed Miliband continues to utter the rubbish already spouted by his dreadful Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls (The Yorkshire Post, January 17).

He is quoted as saying that David Cameron and George Osborne are stating that the cost of living crisis is “all sorted out. It’s mission accomplished”.

As we all know, this has never been said. Still, I am sure that Mr Miliband will not bother with the truth in his ever more desperate attempts to get into Number 10. Heaven forbid!

Refreshing difference

From: Derek Spence, Dore Road, Sheffield.

I FIND it interesting how Nigel Farage is often pointed out as a public school “toff” by his opponents. It appears to me that Ukip has fewer members and politicians from such a background than either main party. Funny how they seem to forget to mention that!

From: Martin Hall, Beighton, Sheffield.

NIGEL Farage, Suzanne Evans, Jonathan Arnott, Diane James, Paul Nuttall, Amjad Bashir and most other Ukip MEPs are massively impressive when you meet them. They are dedicated, open, compassionate and all conviction politicians.

So often when I have encountered major politicians from other parties, all I have found is a bunch of self-interested time-servers whose convictions waft gently from side to side in any passing breeze.

National politicians who impress in Labour – Frank Field, Austin Mitchell (both quite aged now) and... er... In the Lib Dems? A big flat zero. In the Conservatives – Dan Hannan and...er...? The quality future leaders are to be found in Ukip.

Knighthood nonsense

From: John Watson, Leyburn.

I SEE there is a move afoot to get Welcome to Yorkshire boss Gary Verity knighted. What nonsense! If that happened what would you give to someone who has devoted the whole of his life, unpaid, to some worthy project. By all means bestow on Mr Verity a lesser honour for doing a remarkable job with the Tour de France but it would lessen the value of the honours system if he became a “Sir”.

From: B Hough, Ossett.

REGARDING the issue of a knighthood for Geoff Boycott, What about a knighthood for the greatest living Yorkshireman? Not William Hague, but the rugby player Neil Fox. He holds a record that will never be beaten and remains a perfect gentleman to boot.

Volume sales

From: ME Wright, Harrogate.

COLIN Cawthray (The Yorkshire Post, January 17) asks if a change of management will affect the quality and volume of the music played in his local Morrisons.

I recently gave their Starbeck store a long overdue try and, as a relative newcomer, was impressed by the friendly, helpful service; layout and – most of all – the complete absence of someone else’s choice of music.