Joy at miracle baby boy doctors said couple would never have

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A MOTHER told by doctors she would never conceive naturally has spoken of her joy after giving birth to a miracle baby boy.

ME sufferer Helen Laurence, 32, had tried for a baby for seven years and even tried IVF with husband Andi, 37, without luck.

The York couple feared they would never become parents, especially as Mrs Laurence’s chronic fatigue syndrome worsened their chances.

But against all odds, they are now the proud parents of baby Murphy, who was born weighing 6lb 15oz following a difficult 
38-hour labour.

“I couldn’t believe that my body, which wouldn’t work for me, had created something so perfect,” said Mrs Laurence.

A year after they started trying for a baby, she was diagnosed with endometriosis, which can cause difficulty in conceiving.

The couple, who have been together for 11 years and married for six, were sent for fertility checks after the news and found out Mr Laurence would also struggle to become a parent.

Then, on Valentine’s Day in 2008, doctors told them they would never conceive their own baby naturally.

“It felt like the worst day in the world,” said Mrs Laurence.

They went through IVF treatment in January 2011 before resigning themselves to another year without a baby and resolving to start saving for another round at the start of this year.

It was then Mrs Laurence began getting pregnancy symptoms.

“We’d had a lot of false alarms so when we’d been out to buy the pregnancy test I think Andi was bracing himself for more disappointment,” she said.

“When I took the test, I just couldn’t believe it.”

Little Murphy was born on November 1 at York Hospital.

Mrs Laurence said: “It hit me after we got home and he was asleep. I sat down on the edge of the bed and started crying, and said: ‘You’re so cute!’ I was crying but it was happy tears.”

Her husband, who restores cars for a living, added: “I was chuffed to bits. We’re still on cloud nine.”