July 7: Clare Balding and BBC’s Wimbledon show serves up many faults

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From: Lorna B Young, Sheffield.

I CANNOT tell you how marvellous it was to read Tom Richmond’s article (The Yorkshire Post, July 6) about the “Blessed Balding” – I thought it was just me who has had enough! She once said that she thought people would soon get fed up of her, and that moment has arrived.

Everything your columnist wrote mirrored my own thoughts about Wimbledon 2Day, but I have to add the wonderful moment when the “head girl” asked John McEnroe if the wearing of a headband “the other way round” makes a difference. He gave the only reply possible: “You are asking me that?! You cannot be serious!”

From: Keith Drummond-Brassington, Skipton.

TOM Richmond put into words everything I felt about the BBC’s review of Wimbledon under Clare Balding. I used to enjoy sitting down to watch the programme and to be certain of watching tennis and then listening to intelligent discussion on the games played. At least now I’m retired I can at least watch it live and not rely on this drivel.

From: Robert Beaumont, York.

CONGRATULATIONS on a superb article on Wimbledon2Day (horrid name, horrid show).