July 7: Revisiting the rules of the road

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From: Paul Muller, Wakefield.

OUR motorways have become very overcrowded (Charles Taylor, The Yorkshire Post, June 29). The old Highways Code rules of driving on the three-lane motorways need to be revised in order to stop congestion.

The inside lane should be for large lorries and articulated trucks that are governed to 60mph and traffic entering and leaving the motorways.

The centre and outside lanes for cars and vans that are able to travel at 70mph.

The speed limit on the inside lane is governed to 60mph by the large lorries and articulated trucks.

If these trucks try to overtake each other at their governed speed, they convert the motorway into a single lane road for a mile or two; causing congestion.

It thus becomes unnecessary to widen our motorways any further.

From: Ron Farley, Croftway, Camblesforth, Near Selby.

BILLIEJO Priestley in a letter (The Yorkshire Post, June 30) about cars parking on the pavements wrote “because there is no law there to stop them, they will park however they like without consideration to other people”.

Years ago I was told by the then (lady) traffic warden, a firm but fair, and understanding mature lass that a fine of £400 could be imposed for pavement parking. Is this still in force? if so, why not?

Incidentally, I have never been a car driver.

From: Hugh Rogers, Messingham Road, Ashby.

CYCLING – or to be more precise the use of public roads by cyclists for the purpose of racing – is, it seems, quickly becoming a new plague in Yorkshire. Roads are closed and the public inconvenienced in Skipton, Harrogate, Ilkley, Otley, and soon Colne and Pendle just so that a few individuals can ride around on their machines. Is there not one town in our region brave enough to say “no” to the cycling Mafiosi? Go and play somewhere else. Lancashire is nice at this time of year.

Pity for Sir Bernard

From: Tom Howley, Marston Way, Wetherby, Leeds.

AFTER reading Sir Bernard Ingham’s cynical diatribe “what soaps reveal” (The Yorkshire Post, July 1), my first reaction was to laugh at his outlandish and irresponsible view on TV soaps, and the “unprincipled and arrogant” Archbishop of York.

His conviction of the existence of “agents of the Kremlin and the Devil”. His paranoid belief in the antics of “assorted cranks” and “euronuts” Reading his article again, however, I found that I had pity for the obsessed writer.

Sir Bernard is my least favourite columnist, but I have always admired his journalistic skills. His latest opinion piece does not enhance his reputation, it is silly and nasty. I hope that his future contributions will be readable, if not acceptable.

With dogged determination

From: Diana Davis, Rawdon.

I WAS inspired to anticipate your litter campaign by being a dog owner and noticing the number of dog poo bags adorning trees at our local beauty spot and favourite dog walking area.

On my walks, I noticed specific areas where bags were regularly being dumped under trees and bushes. So I set off with a bin bag which, as it became half full, became too heavy to carry! My husband rescued me by bringing the car and another two bin bags. Another dog poo bin bag later and a bin bag full of half bottles of vodka, rum and the odd brandy bottle, I gave up!

The reaction of fellow dog walkers was encouraging! I have every intention of doing another “clean-up” when the grass has died back and the deposits can be found without being nettled, brambled and decorated with robin’s pincushion.

The Queen of Scots

From: Michael J Robinson, Berry Brow, Huddersfield.

I WONDER if Her Majesty was still “purring” – the phrase David Cameron used on the night of the referendum vote to describe her reaction – when she read the headlines claiming that the Scots intended to refuse to pay their share of funding for the Queen?

Postal service is a rip-off

From: Alexander Hicken, Leeds.

My family sent me Father’s Day and birthday cards in plenty of time, but on two separate occasions a card came through my letter box asking me to collect the cards from the depot and pay £1.11p through insufficient postage. The cards were not big cards – this is just another case of people been ripped off.

Not everyone for tennis...

From: Mrs J Rayner, Garforth.

AS much as I enjoy watching some tennis on the television, I feel the BBC have gone overboard with this year’s blanket coverage on BBC1, BBC2 and the red button for extra matches. I’m sure many viewers, including me, are leaving for “the other side”. Game, set and match!