June 17 letters: No sympathy for Dewsbury suicide bomber

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From: Colin D Forbes, Idle, Bradford.

I EXPERIENCED the divisions in the Muslim world at first hand, having lived through the bloody Revolution in Iraq in July 1958. This blight to the communities here will not go-away until all imams across Europe in the name of the Prophet call on the oil-rich Saudis and fellow Gulf states to stop financing IS.

From: Barry Foster, Whitby.

WHY is the media so obsessed with these people going off the Syria? Let them go. The greatest pity is that we allow them to be here and educate them and this is how they repay our country.

From: Jack Brown, Lamb Lane, Monk Bretton, Barnsley.

HYPOCRISY serves no-one except deceivers.

The ideological force that drives young British Muslims to “terrorist” acts is little different from that that drove young British Communists to the civil war in 1930s Spain.

From: Hilary Andrews, Leeds.

WHILST sympathising with the parents of young people going to fight for IS, I cannot support their view that the Government is responsible for their radicalisation.

Surely all parents have a duty to know what their offspring are up to?