June 18: Cervical smear tests carried out at 18 would save lives

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From: James Colin Smith, Fryston Lane, Ferrybridge, Knottingley, West Yorkshire.

MY granddaughter has just died of cervical cancer at the age of 25.

What I would like to know is why a cervical smear cannot be done at 18 years of age to detect this disease? Women are being denied the opportunity to take this test by the so called “experts” because they say it could be harmful to give the test before the age of 25.

What could be more harmful than death? People can vote at 18 and indeed I was on active service in the army at 18. Therefore that age is the adult age.

If the powers-that-be have qualms about this, then let 
the patient sign an appropriate form saying they understand the possible dangers and agree to the smear test.

This would be far better than young people dying from a disease which might 
be prevented by early 

I understand that numerous petitions have been presented asking for this reduction 
in age.

Perhaps it is time for the authorities to give women the freedom of choice.