Lamb named Goliath springs a giant surprise

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A SPRING lamb has been named “Goliath” after tipping the scales at 22.5lbs – making it the biggest in the world.

The whopping animal is three times the size of other newborn lambs and weighs the same as an average human toddler.

Farmer David Enticott, 53, helped deliver Goliath himself and was immediately shocked by his huge size.

Goliath weighs just one and a half pounds less than the Guinness World record holder for the biggest ever who was born at 24lbs in Lancashire in May 2013.

Mr Enticott’s wife, Ann, who has been lambing with her husband for 13 years, said she had never seen anything quite like it.

The giant lamb was born at the couple’s farm in Wellington, Somerset.

Mrs Enticott, 49, said: “He is amazing. He was born three days ago now, thankfully the mum didn’t suffer during the birth.

“My husband was helping her and he noticed that the lamb had extremely big feet – you can normally tell from the feet how big the lamb will be.

“When he was born we just couldn’t believe how big he was. We decided that we should weigh him so we did and he was 22.5Ibs.

“When we looked online we realised just how impressive this was. He’s out in the shed now but he’s very gangly because of his size.

“He’s so big he just lollops around. We’ve been lambing since January so far this season and he is as big now as some of the lambs born in January.

Ewes often give birth to twins, triplets or sometimes more than three each delivery, but when they have a single offspring it can often be larger.