Law Commission review on pre-nuptial deals

Deals about what should happen to property owned before a marriage in the event of a divorce could be made legally-binding under options being considered by the Law Commission.

But any future law could make a distinction between any property or wealth acquired by each person before a marriage and that gained as a couple, the body which reviews and reforms law in England and Wales said.

Professor Elizabeth Cooke, the Law Commissioner leading the consultation, said: "We think it's very important to raise that option because so often people talk about pre-nups and post-nups as if they are one thing.

"They could cover all the assets, they could cover just the royalties from the band you played in 30 years ago, just the piano, or just the inheritance."

The Law Commission is considering whether a new approach to pre-nuptial, post-nuptial and separation agreements is needed to give couples more certainty over what would happen to their property