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What’s the biggest development you’ve seen in the legal world during your career?

Without doubt the impact of the internet. It has completely changed the way lawyers work and has transformed the landscape we work in too.

What law would you like to see changed?

I think the recent ‘right to be forgotten’ case concerning Google, in which it was decided that it had to comply with certain requests from individuals to remove information from its search results, highlights the real problems of balancing the right to use the internet as an amazing tool for information-gathering against a person’s right to manage what information about them is available.

What is the most exciting work you have ever done?

Nothing can beat going to trial. The mixture of having to be on top of a massive amount of information and reacting immediately to what happens in the court is demanding and exhilarating.

Who in the legal world do you most admire?

Adrienne Page QC, a defamation barrister who when I worked with her managed to be brilliant and down-to-earth at the same time.

What advice would you give someone starting out in the profession?

Always ask questions. Often when you’re given work as a trainee or a newly-qualified solicitor it seems as if you are expected to be able to read minds, but a good supervisor always appreciates someone who gets all the information they need at the outset.