Legal Matters Q&A: The rising number of women in profession is wonderful to see

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What is the biggest development you’ve seen in the legal world during your career?

The rise in the number of women in the profession and it’s a change I’m delighted to see happen.

What law would you like to see changed?

I’d like to see a cohabitation law introduced laying out cohabitants rights so that we’re not relying on outdated Chancery Law. The number of cohabiting couples has risen by nearly 30 per cent in the last 10 years in the UK and there’s still not a law protecting their rights.

What is the most exciting work you have ever done?

Picking up the trail of people who’ve been economical with the truth about their finances and assets because they’re trying to hide things from their partners when we’re negotiating a divorce settlement.

Who in the legal world do you most admire?

I’d have to say Lady Hale. She is not only a brilliant legal mind, her judgements are sound, sensible and understandable. She’s a prominent woman in a man’s world and got there on merit.

What advice would you give someone starting out in the profession?

Always hold your head high, do what you know is right and don’t cut corners whatever the provocation and no matter who asks you to do so, because your reputation is everything. It’s the advice Lord Denning gave to me at my admissions ceremony and I’ve always lived by it.