LEP unveils plans to create 20,000 jobs

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PLANS to create 20,000 jobs over the next five years have been unveiled by the York, North Yorkshire and East Riding Enterprise Partnership, writes Deputy Business Editor Greg Wright.

The local enterprise partnership (LEP) has submitted proposals which aim to secure £3bn of economic growth by 2019, and connect every local student with a business, in order to ensure talented young people stay in the region.

The LEP plans to create jobs by supporting small businesses.

The proposals have gained support from council leaders and every MP in the LEP’s area

The Strategic Economic Plan and the Local Growth Deal Implementation plan, which was submitted by the LEP to the

Government yesterday, also aims to double the number of houses being built across the region. Many analysts have expressed concerns about the lack of new houses.

A LEP spokesman said: “As part of this it has been essential to identify and communicate the area’s leading assets, including the robust line of small and micro businesses that make up the region’s economic backbone and the growth of agritech and biorenewables assets including new investments at Drax Power Station, the expansion of the National AgriFood Innovation Campus and the University of York’s proposed BioHub.

“At the forefront of a five year campaign of targeted investment designed to grow the region’s existing businesses is a growth hub model that will bring together partners from across the region.”

The LEP, which is a business-led partnership with the public sector that aims to help local companies grow, plans to build on its existing ties with thousands of local delivery partners.

Barry Dodd, the LEP’s chairman, said: “Jobs are created by growing businesses.

“We will deliver growth by supporting our many small and micro businesses to help them realise their potential.

“We shall also invest in our leading-edge assets in the food manufacturing, agritech and biorenewables sectors.”

David Kerfoot, the LEP’s vice chairman, said: “We have a rich diversity of small and micro businesses, but few medium and large ones, so we must focus on growing our existing businesses if we want to grow our economy.”