Let us make choice if we want to hear profanity

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From: David H Rhodes, Keble Park North. Bishopthorpe, York.

FROM a miserable old prude like myself, I would like to thank Tony Earnshaw (Yorkshire Post, January 17) for his column.

The point he highlighted was that in the film The Wolf of Wall Street the F-word is used 506 times in a 180-minute film. On my approximation this one word would account for 3.3 per cent of the film’s running time!

I don’t care if the scenery is great or the storyline has great meaning.

The profusion of this one word would cause great offence and even boredom to me. If this is to be the accelerated trend for artistic liberty, may I suggest it becomes law that the number of profanities must be listed in any promotional literature?

This would give any adult the opportunity of evaluating if the film is likely to be to their taste and appropriate, say, for their young grandchildren to watch without causing embarrassment.

In some situations children of pre-nursery school age will hear such language but it doesn’t mean they will fully understand what it means. I advocate maintaining or returning to an age of innocence. The big bad world comes soon enough.