Letters, November 16: Problems with the EU Cameron can’t negotiate away

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From: Les Arnott, Athelstan Road, Sheffield.

From: Les Arnott, Athelstan Road, Sheffield.

COUNCILLOR Nick Allen’s assertion that David Cameron is ‘delivering on his commitment to EU renegotiation’ (The Yorkshire Post, November 11) is simply laughable and – may I suggest – more than a little disingenuous.

Has he not read the feeble list of Cameronian demands? Does he not recognise how peripheral – nay, trivial – they all are when compared to the real needs?

Will they address the EU corruption and inefficiency reported by the Court of Auditors? Our wrecked fishing industry? Our failure to make any worthwhile reforms of this noxious organisation in 40 years – in spite of promises by assorted governments to do so?

The migration crisis now assailing the EU as a whole? The migration crisis this nation has already been facing? The loss of sovereignty which ‘would never occur’ according to Edward Heath in the last referendum in 1975? The outlandish sums of money we must spend to remain part of the EU?

The damage to UK jobs from EU directives? The way the unelected determine our Government’s actions? The failure of one-size-fits-all policies? The rampant imperialism embraced by Brussels?

No – and it is not as if I have named more than a fraction of the problems which Mr Cameron is unable to remedy.

From: RP Brocklebank, Glen Crescent, Melbourne, York.

I HOPE I’m wrong but I predict David Cameron will in the near future announce he has negotiated all the major reforms he wanted and he will recommend we vote to stay in the EU.

If we do so, I also predict that in two years the British public will start to realise that nothing has changed for the better and “we’ve been conned again” by a bunch of politicians (Bill Carmichael, The Yorkshire Post, November 13).

From: Andrew Mercer, Guiseley.

I NOTE there was nothing in David Cameron’s Europe speech on the repatriation of powers so that our farmers and trawler fleets can operate without unnecessary EU interferece. It is another example of this Government’s continuing failure to recognise the importance of food producers and the rural economy.

I expected better – after all, I thought the Tories liked to regard themselves as the party of the countryside. I was obviously mistaken; they make Labour look like paragons. What do others think?