Letters September 16: Laying down the law over compliments

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From: Elisabeth Baker, Leeds.

A SENIOR solicitor recently told a female barrister that her photograph on a website was “stunning”. The barrister complained very publicly that this was sexist and demeaning.

When I was Called to the Bar in 1970, as one of only two women then in practice in Leeds, I was delighted to receive compliments on my appearance, whoever they came from. Then, and throughout my career, if a door was held open for me by a man, I would thank him.

If my bottom was pinched by a male colleague (however senior) I would pinch his in return – and thus made light of any unwanted situation which might otherwise have arisen. Thanks to me and others like me who practised all those years ago there are now very many women at the Bar.

One does not need to be a strident feminist to succeed.

From:Hilary Andrews, Nursery Lane, Leeds.

Watching the Last Night of the Proms I was stirred by the fervour of nationalism that was apparent in the listeners.

It turned my attention to the young men risking their lives to run away from conflict in their countries. I wonder, if threatened with an enemy, our young men would turn and fight or run away too? I’m not sure in this day and age.