Letters September 16: Why freedom of movement is just an invitation to migrants

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From: John Watson, Hutton Hill, Leyburn.

Why have we heard nothing in the media about the Shengen agreement, which most of 
the EU countries signed and which meant that they had to do away with what were their boundaries and allow free movement of people over all member states?

I believe that this has become a catalyst in making the migrant problem what it has now become.

Anybody in a Middle Eastern or African country wishing to migrate will look upon this legislation as an invitation to get into Europe where they can roam at will without having to show a passport.

How do we know that this mass of humanity crossing the Mediterranean does not contain one or two or even more jihadists or members of al-Qaida?

How do we know that it does not contain members of Isis who are wanting to get a foothold in Christian countries?

The human rights brigade and Liberty will laugh at such a suggestion. We shall wait and see.

Some of us in the West are being branded as cruel and 
hard-hearted to fellow human beings, but why should we, who over the course of a thousand years have built our country to what it is today, start to destroy 
it by importing masses of people of different cultures and religions?

It is not our fault that most African and Middle Eastern countries are ruled by dictators or similar, a lot of whom have been living it up financed by generous gifts from the West which were intended to help their fellow countrymen.

From: Ian Oglesby, High Cotton Road, Stamford Bridge, York.

Thousands of young, fit migrants are seen climbing high fences and on long tracks redolent of army training courses.

It would be a monumental error to commit our forces to fight on behalf of migrants, who run away.

It is also difficult to condone the actions of economic 
migrants who turn their 
backs on their own lands, 
instead of building up the conditions their which they muscle in on, here.

Politicians attitudes to large-scale migration not only lack common sense, but encourage the development of an appalling situation which will end in disaster.