Letters September 17: Corbyn could bring about a real democracy

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From: Philip Smith, Beverley.

At last we have, in Jeremy Corbyn, a proper socialist in charge of the Labour Party instead of the populist hypocrites who have been in charge for decades. Even if we don’t agree with his convictions at least we know that he has some and what they are.

At last we have someone who refuses to sing the National Anthem because he doesn’t believe a word of it. This is because he believes in worth over birth, in merit over hereditary, unearned privilege. Indeed, as a republican as millions of us are, he believes in the abolition of the monarchy and presumably an elected House of Lords. Also, if he has any sense, along with the other minority party leaders, he will be rapidly pushing against the open door of full proportional representation.

Think of it – an elected head of state, an elected House of Lords and full PR in the House of Commons. We would then be a proper democracy. There is hope for this country yet.

From: Paul Emsley, Hellifield, North Yorkshire.

It is easy to be a rebel in peacetime. Politicians should remember that the young people of this country in 1939-45 didn’t have a choice. They deserve our respect because they gave up their liberty to try to preserve the liberty of others.