‘FBI’ to examine West Yorkshire mystery murder

Scene picture, where 68-year-old Clement Desmier was found murdered in his home in Bradford, West Yorkshire. Picture: Ross Parry Agency

Scene picture, where 68-year-old Clement Desmier was found murdered in his home in Bradford, West Yorkshire. Picture: Ross Parry Agency

  • by Rob Parsons

DETECTIVES investigating the brutal murder of a Bradford grandfather at his home have called in an expert from the agency dubbed ‘the British FBI’ to cast a “fresh pair of eyes” over the forensic evidence in the case.

West Yorkshire Police today issued a new appeal over the death of Clement ‘Butch’ Desmier on the eve of the second anniversary of his death in Rowlestone Rise, Greengates, in the early hours of August 23, 2012.

Mr Desmier, 68, a father-of-six and grandfather-of-ten, was found dead in his armchair. He had a pillow over his head and had suffered 70 separate injuries, including 40 stab wounds, and had been tortured before he was killed.

Police have revealed that an independent forensic review of the evidence already gathered in the case is currently being carried out by an expert from the National Crime Agency, which was formed last year to tackle serious and organised crime.

Detective Superintendent Mark Ridley, who is leading the investigation into the murder for West Yorkshire Police, said: “They have an expert forensic scientist who has been conducting a forensic review and has given us a fresh pair of eyes, potentially some more forensic opportunities that we can explore.

“There has been an ongoing forensic strategy through this which has been very detailed and comprehensive.

“The house in which Butch lived appeared to have been ransacked and searched, a lot of items have been handled.

“The scientist has looked at the exhibits we have seized and what we have examined, she has come up with further strategies for us to pursue. It is very much a live investigation.

“It is a service they provide to police forces for the most difficult cases, it just gives us that independent fresh pair of eyes.

“With technology and science, they are constantly evolving, which creates new opportunities.

“It will still be our scientists we have commissioned to do that work but it is a fresh pair of eyes.

“There has been a tremendous amount of detailed work undertaken already by a range of scientists who have made significant findings.”

Mr Ridley said he was convinced whoever killed Mr Desmier had links with the local area, adding: “I am also mindful that two years on the family of Butch are still seeking answers about why he was murdered.”

A statement from Mr Desmier’s family, released yesterday, said: “It has been two years since our father was murdered and we are all still struggling with the fact that no one has been brought to justice.

“This year we should have been celebrating dads 70th birthday and it’s another reminder that dad’s killers are out there, carrying on with their normal lives whilst our lives have been shattered.

“We feel that we need closure and we appeal to anyone with any information to contact West Yorkshire Police.”

Police believe more than one person may have been involved with the murder, as a witness saw two men at Mr Desmier’s door in the early hours of August 23.

Detectives also want to speak to a man seen going into Mr Desmier’s house with him, at 4.20pm on August 22. This wasn’t the type of man Butch was usually seen with, and he wore a bomber jacket and a blue baseball cap and had straggly hair.

CCTV released this year shows a man wearing light blue – possibly denim – clothing, walking along nearby Redcar Road, minutes later. Mr Ridley said police wanted to speak to all these people, as “they may have vital information about the circumstances of Butch’s death”.

Anyone with information should call West Yorkshire Police on 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.


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