Video: Peeling back the years (and the chocolate orange wrappers) in York

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FOR anybody that loves chocolate it seemed like an easy task.

There were plenty of willing volunteers for the National Trust’s first ever chocolate challenge at Goddards in York yesterday, held in a bid to beat the world’s fastest time of eating a Terry’s chocolate orange. However despite the best efforts of staff attempts to break the record failed.

Goddards was chosen as it is the former home of Noel Terry, of the famous Terry’s of York chocolate firm.

Clare Fletcher, visitor experience and volunteering manager explained: “We thought it would be an apt way to open the new season at Goddards with a chocolate eating contest.”

The current Guinness World Records stands at 1 minute 42 seconds, and was set by Adrian Paul Blake, in Bournemouth, in December last year.

The contest took place in the drawing room, which is surrounded by pictures of the original designs for the Terry’s chocolate boxes. Goddards reopens to the public with new rooms and new exhibitions, tomorrow.




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