March 19 letters: Name of Erdington eludes Harman’s selective memory

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From: Colin Cawthray, Stowe Garth, Bridlington.

who is the winning contestant for the title of hypocrite of the week? Harriet Harman.

Why? The reason is she criticises the Tories in North Yorkshire for having a male only political landscape (The Yorkshire Post, March 14).

What she means is there 
are no women being put 
forward for selection to 
fight Anne McIntosh’s safe 

At the 2010 General Election an all-women list was put forward for selection to stand in Birmingham’s Erdington seat for Labour.

What happened? Why, the women were sidelined and Jack Dromey was selected. Who is Jack Dromey? He is Mr Harriet Harman. Hypocrisy!

From: Bob Swallow, Townhead Avenue, Settle.

AFTER all the spin, promises, entreaties, lies, greed and innuendo displayed by the members of the three main political parties, I have had enough.

In lieu of any other party standing locally which takes my fancy I shall mark my ballot paper ‘none of these’. It strikes me papers so marked might constitute the balance of power. Now there’s a thought.

From: John Fisher, Menwith Hill, Harrogate.

DAVID Gray’s letter (The Yorkshire Post, March 16) re a PR voting system misses the point completely in that our present system is nothing like proportional representation.

It not only allows a party to govern the country with some 30 per cent of the votes cast, but it also prevents small parties from entering Parliament and growing over time with public support.

The first past the post election system is capable of producing minority governments which could behave like a democratic dictatorship. If a new right wing party came along with smart ideas that attracted the support of a third of our increasingly disillusioned electorate, our traditional parties would no quickly adopt the same PR system as Scotland, Germany and many other democratic countries.

From: ME Wright, Grove Road, Harrogate.

BILL Carmichael portrays Ed Balls as a 21st century Senna the Soothsayer – “Woe, woe and thrice woe” (The Yorkshire Post, March 13). Given that the man has had to cope with an expletive for a surname, is this entirely surprising?