March 30: No next time for Labour and Tories...

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From: Robert Gritton, Glen Drive, Dyce, Aberdeen.

SURELY the time is right for the British electorate to seriously question the monopoly of the Tory and Labour parties?

They have had since 1945 to guide Britain towards a more prosperous and rewarding future. Sadly, their record is dreadful – scandalous in fact.

Despite hundreds of billions of pounds of (extra) money accrued through North Sea oil and imposing the third highest taxation in Europe, they have led us to food banks, a ‘heat or eat’ culture, bedroom tax, an NHS on its knees, Britain’s trillion pound debt, soaring and uncontrollable fuel prices, low wages, poor investment outside London and lost us our triple “A” rating.

Can anyone tell me how it will be different after May 7? I once heard this analogy: A postman delivers a letter 13 times. Thirteen times he is bitten by a huge dog. Thirteen times he hobbles up the driveway clutching his leg. And thirteen times the owner shouts after him: “Oh sorry, but it will be all right next time!”

I hope, come election day, the British people ensure that there is no “next time” for decades to come. Let them have to fight their way back in to get our vote.

From: DS Boyes, Upper Rodley Lane, Leeds.

DO the people of this country realise the full extent of the constitutional crisis that may be lurking just round the corner?

That is the position of Scottish MPs of any Party still being allowed to vote in Parliament at Westminster on matters that appertain only to England and Wales on areas of governance previously devolved to the Scottish Parliament!

The vital dimension of ‘democracy’ was never considered or settled by ‘New’ Labour and Tony Blair when devolution was under consideration, and has meant that tuition fees, NHS prescription charges, hospital parking costs, care of the elderly now, thanks to those Scottish votes, must all be paid for in full by England, when the very same services are free in Scotland.

Now Alex Salmond threatens to wreck the next Conservative government if they win enough seats at Westminster to hold the balance of power, as it were, which could undermine the Queen’s Speech and any Budget.

Unless the voters of England have some control over their destiny, just what is the point of the election on May 7? The “West Lothian question”, as it is known, must be sorted out now!

From: Peter Asquith-Cowen, First Lane, Anlaby, Beverley.

IT is amazing how in politics things can inexplicably change overnight. Only two weeks ago the Armed Forces were being threatened with ‘severe’ cuts. Now, suddenly, the Government has recognised the threat posed by Vladimir Putin and the sale of arms to Argentina, and we going to re-arm.

From: Dr Glyn Powell, Bakersfield Drive, Kellington, Goole.

CHANCELLOR George Osborne’s last Budget during this Parliamentary session was a classic Tory ‘jam tomorrow’ affair. He has the audacity to state that Britain’s economy is growing, yet, statistics show economic growth is at 2008 levels. The Tories also hide the fact that if re-elected there will be four more years of financial hardship for the low-paid, disabled, sick and unemployed before we all enjoy real growth and better standards of living.

Osborne stated in 2010 that his austerity measures would reduce public borrowing, national debt and the financial deficit to zero by 2015. Despite the pain endured by the majority of people, borrowing, debt and the financial deficit have all increased.

The future of the NHS is in real jeopardy if the Tories are re-elected, as will be the education of children, owing to spending cutbacks. In terms of the manufacturing industry, Tory measures offer no help. This is particularly damaging to Yorkshire, whose manufacturing sector is in marked decline. In conclusion, what is required is an alternative government that invests in manufacturing industry, education and the NHS by saving billions by non-replacement of Trident nuclear missile system.

From: Brian Ormondroyd, Birchwood Court, Ilkley.

IMPORTING coals from Newcastle is an old joke. The reality today is importing coal from Colombia, America, Russia. How long before they raise their prices or threaten supplies?

In 2013 the UK imported 49.4 million tons of the black stuff, almost all of which could have been supplied by our mines if they had not been closed. Now the last, three, remaining pits are to be closed. At what cost? The carbon footprint of importing coal, the redundancies and their financial cost. The dole, the despair and hopelessness of entire communities.

We need to expand our coal industry using the most modern technology such as carbon capture. The UK could be the world leader in energy production of all types, excluding nuclear. What a chance for Ed Miliband to speak up and act for the British people the British nation?

Surely the betrayal by David Cameron is treasonable? Putting the interests of foreign countries before that of the UK.

From: John Gordon, Whitcliffe Lane, Ripon.

“ONWARD Christian Soldiers” sounds archaic in this day and age, whereas “Onward Jihadis” sound very modern. Fortunately there is a large body of people who do not want to use either slogan. How can we give those people the encouragement to take control of events? It would mean a peaceful and hopeful future for us all. World leaders please note.