March 5 Letters: Left blue by parking dilemma at the age of 82

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From: Mrs P Berry, Throstle Nest Close, Otley.

From: Mrs P Berry, Throstle Nest Close, Otley.

I AM 82 years of age and I am disabled. I have a Blue Badge, so I can park near the shops in Otley.

Unfortunately, I cannot do that any more as Leeds City Council has removed the parking bays for the disabled to the other end of town, which is too far for me and many 
other Blue Badge holders to walk.

We used to park in the Market Square a few years ago. Then the council moved us round the corner and gave us two bays near the Market Square.

About four weeks ago, the council put parking bays there that are not marked disabled. They are always taken by people who can walk and the council has increased the waiting times with the result that we, the Blue Badge holders, do not stand a chance of parking near the banks, opticians and shops etc. I am trying to let people know how we are being treated by Leeds City Council and hope they will give us support and get us back our parking near the Market Square.