Market’s identity crisis

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From: Dale Edwards, Newborough Street, Bootham, York.

BEFORE Christmas, I paid a visit to the festive German market in Leeds.

I purchased something to eat from a stall and asked the assistant where in Germany 
she was from.

I then discovered that she was from Romania, as was her colleague.

At another stall I purchased a mulled wine and I was served by a woman from Hungary.

As I stood drinking I saw 
a white van pull up alongside 
the market.

The van was advertising a Leeds-based frozen food company and two men started delivering to stalls.

My observations suggest that there wasn’t anything authentically German about the market.

In praise of hospital food

From: Michael Shepherd, Chapman Gate, Pocklington, East Yorkshire.

YOU asked for our views on hospital food (Yorkshire Post, January 11).

Having just spent a few days in York Hospital, I must tell you that the food in there was good. No complaints at all.

From: Joan Charlesworth, Upperthong Lane, Holmfirth.

I AM sitting reading your weekend article entitled ‘Small wonder patients are turned off by 
hospital food’ (Yorkshire Post, January 11).

At this moment I am sitting up in a hospital bed eating breakfast. I can tell you it is very good indeed first hand.

I had an operation just two hours since.