Max set for royal date after proving a lifesaver

Max Coles with his grandmother Mary Simmons
Max Coles with his grandmother Mary Simmons
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A BOY aged eight who saved his grandmother’s life when she slipped into a diabetic coma is to have his courage recognised by the Royal Family.

Max Cole leapt into action when Mary Simmons, 66, passed out suddenly on the sofa at her South Yorkshire home.

He put the retired carer in the recovery position, fed her some vital sugar, and contacted his mother.

Paramedics said without his swift actions she may have died because her blood sugar had dropped so dangerously low.

His quick thinking has already seen him scoop a local award and now he has won another plaudit with the 231st Shiregreen Beavers. This award means he will now be heading to Windsor Castle this month for a special presentation. A member of the Royal Family — not yet revealed — and British adventurer Bear Grylls will meet winners of the award.

The eight-year-old had picked up essential tips from his mother and first aid classes at Beavers.

Mrs Simmons, of Sheffield, had been managing her diabetes or 15 years when she began to feel unwell – she was suffering from hypoglycemia, a condition that occurs when blood sugar is too low, and became unresponsive.

Max used his grandmother’s phone to send a text message to his mum Sam, asking her to come, when she rang back he was able to give her his grandmother’s latest blood sugar reading. His mother said: “Max wasn’t scared at all. Because she was sweating he turned the heating down, and he even put the cat in the kitchen so it wouldn’t get in the way.

“He then had to get a chair out to reach a cup and some dilute juice, because he knew she needed some sugar.”

Speaking after her turn, Mrs Simmons, said “He is my little hero. I’m so very proud of him. There is a lot I can’t remember but I know what Max did for me – it’s unbelievable.”