May 12: Open invitation to learn truth on fracking in Ryedale

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From: John Dewar, Operations Director, Third Energy, Knapton Generating Station, East Knapton, North Yorkshire.

CHRIS Redston’s letter (The Yorkshire Post, May 5) in response to my recent opinion piece is both misleading and serves to reinforce many of the points that I made. He also displays a fundamental lack of knowledge not only of the oil and gas industry but also the regulatory structure that covers the environment, health and safety in the UK.

I refer anyone who is interested to the authoritative UK-based bodies who all agree that the risks associated with hydraulic fracturing can be managed in a properly regulated environment. May I also refer to the experiences in the offshore oil and gas industry, where the UK not only has world-class procedures but also world-class regulation, and onshore, where oil and gas has been extracted for over a century, safely and discretely, including in North Yorkshire. Finally, I urge Mr Redston to take up our standing invitation to visit our current operations and learn more about the industry as well as our plans for both conventional and unconventional gas production.

This goes for any local resident who wants to know the true facts about what we are planning in Ryedale.