May 13: Time to end the blight of rape seed crops

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From: Christine McDade, Morton on Swale.

SPRING is upon us, with, hopefully, blue sunny skies. 
Just a minute, what has happened to our green and pleasant land?

It has disappeared to be replaced with lurid yellow crops of rape seed, causing 
untold misery to thousands of people.

Chemists are inundated with people purchasing anti-histamine pills, as are doctors’ surgeries.

Certainly, were I employed, I would be unable to attend to work. I do wonder how many days of work are lost by this dreadful crop.

This year, in particular, seems to be much worse than usual. I have been stopped in the street by a concerned lady who 
thought that I was upset as 
tears streamed down my 

This is despite wearing contact lenses and sunglasses.

Last week an article appeared in a national newspaper that rape seed was not, now, believed to be such a saviour of our planet as the carbon it removes from the atmosphere in growing is offset by as much pushed out in its processing.

It is about time something was done to stop this dreadful blight on our country, and untold misery to thousands of its inhabitants.