May 14: Was wartime sacrifice worthwhile?

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From: Arthur Quarmby, Underhill, Holme.

HOW curious to celebrate the 70th anniversary of VE Day – was it perhaps to ensure that some participants from that day were still alive?

But what if Britain had not given that suicidal guarantee to Poland? What if we had decided not to fight over Europe, or had fought and been defeated? In either case we would have ended up as a minor member of a European Empire ruled by Germany. Just as now (although we would not then have had to beg to be accepted).

So was it all worthwhile? That sacrifice from Britain and the Empire of wealth, assets and all those lives? Were they squandered in vain? Was the pride in victory an adequate return?

If we never look back and assess as honestly as we can the major conflicts of the past, we shall never learn to do better in future.

From: Trevor Stones, Rawcliffe, East Yorkshire.

THE VE Day celebration in the UK started at the Cenotaph, included a 40s-themed show broadcast on BBC radio and television from Horse Guards Parade on Saturday and concluded with Sunday’s service in Westminster Abbey with the Queen and other dignitaries present and a fly-past by the Battle of Britain Spitfire and Hurricanes and the Red Arrows.

Conspicuous throughout were veterans, their families and carers. Meanwhile the corresponding celebration of the same event in Moscow was an obscene, threateningly aggressive display of power with none of the gratitude for deliverance so evident here in the UK. Sadly, I don’t think Prince Charles was far off the mark when he confided his doubts to a woman in Australia last year about the cynical motivation of Putin and his Russian administration.

From: Judith Hubbard, Totley Rise, Sheffield,

I WAS interested in the picture of the leaders at the VE Day commemoration (The Yorkshire Post, May 9.) How did Ed Miliband hold his wreath with his hands down by his sides? Was he given one to place?

Fiasco on road to the cricket

From: Keith Hardy, YCCC member, Saxilby, Lincoln.

I, LIKE many others, was subject to what I can only say was a fiasco while attempting to get to Headingley on Sunday.

Having taken the A64 ring road route instead of the M1, I reached the A660 at 9.40am, 80 minutes after leaving my house. I was told there was no entry due to the road race. At the next roundabout I was told to go back as they would let me through, but no. Back on the ring road and around to the road up to Kirkstall Lane – again no access. I was then re-routed around by Gotts Park golf course in Armley and back on to the inner ring road where I came across a Headingley Stadium sign. Fortunately, with a bit of negotiation I reached my destination at 11.10am – ten minutes after the start.

I, like many people, travel to the cricket and only know the streets and roads I normally use but at no time was anyone interested in helping me get to the ground.

The council need to look at putting yellow signs up re-directing people to the cricket.

Yorkshire CCC should for their part have contacted the ECB about either playing away that day or moving the fixture back. Only one female police officer apologised for the fiasco that had by that time also held up the scoreboard operator.

Members of YCCC travel to Leeds from various locations and put money into the economy around LS6 during the season. It’s time now the various bodies got together to make sure this situation doesn’t happen again.

If it doesn’t, I might get a job as a guide if Leeds ever has open top bus tours around the city.

Powerless in face of rip-off

From: Mrs R Darley, Rillington, Malton.

I AM 83-years-old and do not understand computers.

A lady rang me in October 2013 to tell me that if I changed my electricity supplier it would be cheaper.

She gave me several options and prices. I chose to change to Scottish Power as they said that they would not put up their prices until this year.

My daughter read my meter and I joined Scottish Power in October 2013.

In the year 2012 I had paid npower £576.98. In the year 2013 I paid £533.89 to them and received £130 rebate in that year.

For the year 2014, I paid to Scottish Power £819.37 – £285.46 more than npower. I feel I have been ripped off.

I think the reason many people do not change their suppliers is the fear of being swindled. I most certainly have been.

Magistrates under threat

From: Andrew Suter, Station Road, Ampleforth.

I REFER to recent reports about magistrates being disqualified from office by the age of 70.

How ridiculous. Is this part of a grand plan to do away with locally appointed magistrates and run solely on stipends and County Court judges?

If this is the intention, then we need an open debate on justice in magistrates’ courts rather than this constant drip towards a purely stipendiary justice.

The age limit for jurors at Crown Court has been increased to 75 so why the disparity?