May 19: League gives in to Blackpool hooligans on pitch invasion

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From: John Alan Ramsden, Carlton Way, Cleckheaton.

I FIND it shocking that the Football League has given in to hooligans by awarding and rewarding Blackpool Football club with a point after their game with Huddersfield Town.

This game was abandoned after a pitch invasion by Blackpool fans after 47 minutes on May 2.

At a time when football hooliganism is on the rise, the last thing we need in the game is to be soft on it. I know the Blackpool chairman is on the board of the Football League but this conflict of interest should not have got in the way of doing what is right.

Indeed is it now the rule that if you need a draw all you have to do is invade the pitch and act like hooligans?

Well yes, if what is being said on social media is to go by.

I also see that the Football League is being referred to as the Hooligan Football League.

I, for one, have watched football at every one of the 92 clubs since the 1970s. We have had ups and downs but I never thought that the authorities would take the side of the hooligans.

By the way, the fans are not to get compensation either.

With this pathetic decision to award and reward hooliganism, I am thinking of calling it a day and not going back.