May 21: Gnus and bad news for mangling of language

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From: James Robson, Kirbymoorside, York.

AS someone with more than a passing interest in the English language, including its pronunciation, I wish to sound a note of regret about the indicative expression “going to”.

Thanks to a number of people who should know better – people who have been expensively educated and are enjoying lucrative positions as politicians, TV and radio presenters and the like – “going to” has become “gonna” or (as on George Osborne’s prim lips) “gunna”.

For instance “we’re gunna carry out our long term economic plan”.

During the election an even worse corruption occurred 
when adenoidal Ed Miliband began to use an execrable word not heard since Flanders and Swann made a song of it in the 1950s – I mean “gnu”. Mr Miliband said: “We are gnu give government back to the English people.”

We are gnu do this that 
and other! We are gnu mangle the English language! Gnu?

There are times when I simply lose the will to live.