May 26: Why Margaret Thatcher was such a disaster for this country

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From: Colin Proctor, Ireland Crescent, Cookridge, Leeds.

RABID right-wingers destroyed this country. To all those rabid-right contributors, it was Margaret Thatcher that brought this country to its knees.

She spent millions of pounds on a war protecting just a few sheep farmers in the Falkland 
Islands. The Miners’ Strike decimated the mining industry, creating thousands of unemployed people.

The poll tax was an absolute disaster. She introduced it to Scotland 12 months before the rest of the UK.

This act caused increased SNP popularity. She also created hundreds of quangos paid for by the public purse. She encouraged thousands of workers to sign off the dole and go on the sick. She even took milk from babies.

She privatised gas, electric, water, railways and the telephone service, with the result we 
now have the highest bills in Europe. She set up the Social Market Foundation, a think tank 
which proposes abolishing pensioners’ bus passes, the winter fuel allowance and free TV licences.

She was an absolute disaster and is the reason this country is in such a mess.