May 27: Soaring number of cyclists a hazard on roads

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From: Clive Bailey, Carlton, Stockton-on-Tees.

AFTER the euphoria of Le Grand Départ and the Tour De Yorkshire, the subsequent promotion of cycling for the masses has resulted in a significant increase in cyclists. Sadly our roads are unsuitable to meet the influx.

Most cities and towns have few designated cycle lanes, resulting in cyclists using footpaths and zebra crossings at the expense of pedestrians. Our country roads do not cater for cyclists at all. The cyclist is no match for a fast car or a large truck. Cyclists are a hazard; a fact that few of them seem to realise. Indeed the hordes of club cyclists, who appear to believe that they own the roads, are an absolute menace. In my opinion, all road users should now carry third party insurance.

From: Allan Ramsay, Radcliffe.

DAVID Cameron has pledged that Britain will have the first “truly seven-day Health Service” and will invest £8bn a year by the end of Parliament. Without a truly 24/7 road policing service, doesn’t it compare to pumping water from a torpedoed ship and not fixing the hole? Road casualties, congestion and exhaust pollution – due as much too poor driving skills as to traffic volume – cost Britain way in excess of £8bn a year.