May 28: Stop treating the countryside as dumping ground

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From: John Henley, Wiganthorpe, Terrington, York.

AFTER reading about your litter campaign, we have to say that this problem has been getting under our skin for quite some time now.

When we were younger and fitter, we would go for a walk along a nearby farm wall and pick up all the litter. We are no longer that fit so I go with a small trailer behind my ride-on mower.

I did my litter pick in April which took me all afternoon 
and came home with around 
six bin bags full, which the council refuse collectors took away.

This roadside boundary has a dry stone wall running along about two-thirds of its length, with a strip of trees behind, so I went again and looked over the wall along its length.

I got another trailer load of a variety of rubbish, bottles, cans, garden waste and drink cans.

Also my daughter was out walking the dog and caught two men with a Transit van throwing household items over the wall.

We reported it to the police, but unfortunately my daughter didn’t get their number, as she dare not approach them.

We heard nothing more, 
so presumably they weren’t traced.

We cannot understand why people can’t take their rubbish home instead of spoiling our beautiful countryside.