Medieval hunting techniques will be brought to life at castle event

THE medieval hunt will be brought to life at a North Yorkshire castle at the weekend when visitors will be able to get a taste of how nobles brought meat to their dining tables.

The two-day event at Richmond Castle on Saturday and Sunday will showcase the different techniques employed from the hunting of deer and boar by the nobility to the use of hunting birds by commoners to bring back more lowly prey such as rabbits and hares.

Master falconers, Raphael Falconry, will lead aerial displays with an impressive collection of birds of prey which would have been trained to catch and retrieve small mammals.

Historic interpreters from the York City Levy will also be at the castle to highlight other techniques for hunting.

English Heritage's regional events manager, Jon Hogan, said: "Every man was taught how to use a bow and arrow from a young age, as they were always expected to be ready for war.

"But in terms of hunting, their quarry would be rather smaller than a human target and larger animals, like deer and wild boar, were only permitted to be hunted by the nobility – and the punishment for poaching was severe."

More details about the event are available on 01748 822493 or visiting