Menu: Apples dipped in peanut butter and celery with Nutella

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RESEARCHERS have uncovered the weird food combinations Britons secretly love - including cheese and jam sandwiches, buttered Weetabix and mayonnaise on toast.

The study found that, far from being unadventurous with food, we often indulge in unusual treats which sound revolting but are actually delicious.

A food taster samples cheese with honey and coffee granules

A food taster samples cheese with honey and coffee granules

Tuna with salt and vinegar crisps, cold baked beans in a salad and banana and sugar sandwiches are all popular choices.

Remarkably, one in ten of the 2,000 people polled admitted to dipping toast into their tea.

Apples dipped in peanut butter and celery with a scoop of Nutella were also found to be unusual, yet popular, combinations across the nation.

The study was commissioned by Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! London to tie in with their Alice in Wonderland exhibition, which has a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party feature.

Other strange food creations created by Brits were mince pies with cheese on top, apple and bacon on toast and muesli with salsa and tabasco.

But the oddities don’t stop there, chips covered in chocolate or dipped in honey have been found on plates at dinner time as have cold brussels sprouts and gravy.

Some have been known to have both tea and coffee in the same cup while others dip lettuce in a sugar and vinegar mix.

More than a third of Brits admitted they had a particular “weird” food favourite - with strange sandwich combinations proving particularly popular.

They included, pepper sandwiches, banana and sugar sandwiches and butter and sugar sandwiches amongst others

Other unusual dishes were said to be sausage and salad cream sandwiches, Yorkshire pudding with sugar and dry buttered Weetabix.

It’s not just adults who are conjuring up unusual food pairings, children are asking for odd dishes too.

One parent recalled their child asking for chips dipped in diet coke and another asked for chicken nuggets dipped in milkshake.

A mashed potato butty was named as favourite among some children across the country and one adventurous youngster asked for rice cakes with tzatziki.

The “weird” foods don’t stop when we leave the front door - one in seven have braved asking restaurants to satisfy their unusual cravings and they will almost always get what they want when they do.


1. Banana and sugar sandwiches

2. Tuna and salt & vinegar crisps

3. Butter and sugar sandwiches

4. Cheese and strawberry jam sandwiches

5. Sausage and salad cream sandwiches

6. Dipping toast in to tea

7. Cold baked beans in a salad

8. Yorkshire pudding with sugar

9. Dry, buttered Weetabix

10. Mayonnaise on toast