Midcap companies storm ahead of the top 100 – at every level

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The Share Centre said that ​midcap companies outstrip​ped the​ biggest firms in the FTSE 100.

Midcaps, ​which are ​more heavily exposed to the economic resurgence, ​saw their revenues and profits grow at a much faster rate than their counterparts in the top 100.

The UK’s top 100 firms saw headline revenues rise 1.0​ per cent​ to £281.6bn. By contrast, revenues of £71.8bn among the ​FTSE ​250 means sales were 3.3​ per cent​ higher.

Gross profits from the top 100 fell 1.2 ​per cent​ year on year. The midcaps saw ​gross profits​ increase 5.1 per cent​.

Mr Miah said: “Midcaps are storming ahead of the top 100 at every level, from revenues to profits. Midcaps are reaping the benefits of growth in the domestic economy.”

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