Miliband warns that
Yes vote would hit all UK living standards

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AN INDEPENDENT Scotland would leave working people both north and south of the border “worse off”, Ed Miliband has warned.

The Labour leader spoke out as he took his shadow cabinet team to Scotland – where voters will decide whether or not to stay in the UK in a referendum in less than five months.

Labour’s front bench team will meet in Glasgow’s Emirates Arena as part of a two-day campaign trip to Scotland to urge people to vote No to independence on September 18.

Mr Miliband, shadow Scottish secretary Margaret Curran and Scottish Labour leader Johann Lamont will also take part in a public meeting in Motherwell later in the day.

The Labour leader, who is the MP for Doncaster North, said he would be “campaigning with my shadow cabinet to keep Scotland in the United Kingdom”.

He added: “I don’t have a vote in September, but I care deeply about the decision people across Scotland will make, and that’s why I wanted to bring my team to Scotland today.

“I want to rebuild our country in the cause of social justice, make the changes needed to tackle the cost-of-living crisis, and create a more successful economy that works for hardworking people here in Scotland and across the UK.

“But I don’t believe you can serve the cause of social justice and that of narrow nationalism.

“There are people in every part of the UK who need decent jobs, a government that will stand up for them against powerful interests like the energy companies and an NHS that is there when we need it most.”

But the SNP has urged Mr Miliband to use his trip to Scotland to state his support for the formula which is used to allocate government funding to different parts of the UK.

Nationalists fear changes to the Barnett formula could result in Scotland losing £4bn from its budget.

SNP MSP Sandra White has claimed that such a move would have “absolutely devastating consequences for communities across Scotland already suffering under Westminster’s austerity agenda”.